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Monday, October 15, 2007

Sentences 35-39

The series continues:
35) Theatre is a museum of the human being’s visceral state; perhaps it could compete with the ROM or AGO if patrons had to observe the piece blindfolded.

36) Theatre is awfully fun to make when you’re working with good people.

37) Theatre is a singularity.

38) Theatre is usually the most magical when its practitioners have small budgets.

39) When someone tries to undermine an actor’s job by labeling it ‘easy’, an appropriate retort would be: “Making it look ‘easy’ is one of the most difficult parts of the job.”

Click here for the series introduction and for a complete list of sentences so far.


mike said...

i like these ones ( and no, none of the ones i wrote are part of this group).

why do small budget shows have the most potential for "magic"? i don't think it's a direct relationship - i've seen big budget shows that achieved this intangible as well, but it occurs so much less frequently...and yes, making it look easy is the most difficult part of the job. it takes a lot of work to look like you're not's my hope we could complete with museums with or without the blindfolds.

ron biskworth said...

You meant compete.

mike said...

yep. i did. thanks.

Simon said...

Ha! Lovely Freudian slip Mike, I quite like the way you initially phrased it. Might be an interesting combination. 39 is great, that's a huge pet peeve. Nobody in the history of the world who has ever actually acted has ever said that, you can be sure. I had a thing or two to say on this topic awhile ago over at Theatre Forte's series on Mamet's True and False...