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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Praxis Theatre survey

Who are the two strongest American
film actors from this list?
Julianne Moore
Cate Blanchett
Julia Roberts
Diane Keaton
Judi Dench
Hilary Swank
Halle Berry
Meryl Streep
Nicole Kidman
Frances McDormand


Ian said...

I think at least a couple of these are not American.

tokyo tintin said...

cate and nicole are aussies. judi is english.

this survey is flawed. i refuse to participate.

Anonymous said...

they aren't all American

ian said...

Agreed, however, one could argue that the wording asks about "American film" actors, i.e., actors who work in American films, in which case all of these actors qualify.

tokyo tintin said...

i think 'hollywood actors' would have been more clear.

"american film actors" has the idea of film actors as opposed to stage actors, not american films versus, say, chinese films.