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Monday, November 27, 2006

Praxis Theatre survey: We're crazy for Hoffman

We asked:
Who are the two strongest film actors from this list?

You said:
In-depth analysis:
That's exactly no love for Matt Damon, and very little love for Hoffman's sparring partner, John C. Reilly. Pacino has a strong showing with six votes for a tidy second-place finish, while vetran heavyweight Jack Nicholson gets a near-snub with a paltry three votes. DiCaprio and Denzel round out the bottom of the pack with a disappointing two and three votes, respectively.

But the long-running Penn-Depp rivalry was at the heart of this vote's fiercest battle. In the end, Penn managed a humble 4-3 win. (Amid accusations of widespread ballot stuffing and disenfranchized voters in the Depp camp, this can only be described as a hollow Penn victory.) Finally, our beloved Bill Macy stammers his way into a respectable third-place finish.

The winner:
Clearly, everybody loves Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Thanks to all who voted.


GJ said...

I think the results seem fair. Matt Damon is horrible little turd of a man so I must admit I was pleased to see he was completely whitewashed. Isn't democracy a wonderful thing?

ian said...

I agree that Matt Damon hasn't yet displayed the acting chops to put him in a Pacino-Hoffman league, but those Borne movies are pretty good. And everybody cries at the "It's not your fault." part in Good Will Hunting.

Where's the love GJ?