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Friday, April 10, 2009

Some questions about the Lebronsemble

The best team in professional basketball, The Cleveland Cavaliers, led by the best player in professional basketball, Lebron James, now begin many games by performing their own piece of devised original theatre. We christen this new troupe: The Lebronsemble.
  • If a typical black box theatre holds 200 people and a typical NBA arena holds 17,000 people; how may sold out performances would you need to reach as many audience members as The Lebonsemble? (Answer: 85 consecutive sell outs.) 
  • Is it surprising in the least that Lebron also happens to be a good director able to meld imagination with compelling imagery?
  • Does their success on the court stem from the strong connection they possess as an ensemble?
  • Have they been studying Stanislavki's Circles of Attention to create better awareness on the floor?
  • Luke Walton sure would make a hunky star of a short musical interlude. Are Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol cooking up their own rival act? (Before you write this off, think about all the courtside celebrities the Lakers could incorporate.)
Watch and decide:


Horace said...

Ummm: a)85 (as you indiciated)
b) no surprise
c) yes there is a correlation
d) defesnive drills aren't that different, really.
e) Kobe is a solo performance artist who sticks out like sore thumb in an ensemble, which is ok, since Gasol has no stage presence at all. His little bro, though...

Michael Wheeler said...

No its true, everyone in my pool has to take 1 rookie and I snagged Marc Gasol. He definitely has a bit of fire in him.

The Memphis Grizzlies on the whole would probably not win any Tonys though. They have identity problems as a unit. They would likely have to go back to theatre school and work on their inner animal.