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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

3 reasons to get your indie theatre company online by noon yesterday

by Michael Wheeler
About 25% of the time I put into being Co-Artistic Director of Praxis Theatre is devoted specifically to our blog and online presence .

That we would have ever ended up spending this much time developing our theatre company online never occurred to Co-AD Simon Rice and I when we began Praxis in the winter of 2003, but it seems wholly necessary in the early spring of 2009. We think it's so important we're in the middle of putting time and money into integrating and re-launching our website and blog at

Why? Because theatre, like virtually every other art form and industry, is being radically reshaped by the power and popularity of online media. Here are the top three reasons why:

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Anonymous said...

You guys are right on, & SO HIP. Any hipper, and you'd have holsters hanging off of you.

The squareness of all other players in TO is unfathomable. I pity them.

Michael Wheeler said...

I can't decide if it's better if this praise is better if it is sardonic or not. Thanks, I think...

Maybe not too much thanks though (if this is indeed a sincere comment), as we have tried to be pretty adamant about not establishing an US and THEM mentality with our our our brother and sister companies in the T dot.

Got any objections/comments about the article?

Anonymous said...

No irony. I think you guys are very sharp & on the ball.

Not to get all "us & them" with other companies, but other companies are ... less on the ball.

Michael Wheeler said...

Okay, thanks then.

Why am I reticent to be hip?

I think there is an unspoken understanding that there is a direct inverse relationship between hipness and artistic integrity. Which is possibly why so much of theatre is so boring maybe.

Anonymous said...

No, hipness IS important. Especially in Theatre, which lacks hipness in spades.

I think you're right in thinking you're wrong in believing that hipness & integrity are 2 opposing principles.

Hipness is emphemeral. SO IS THEATRE. Embrace it. Be hip.

Anonymous said...

Ephemeral, I mean.

Dyslexia is hip.

Michael Wheeler said...

sometimes i am also lildely mixdexlic

Anonymous said...

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