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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Attention CAEA Member-Creators

Hello Indie Artists,

I am putting forward an individual member's motion at Equity's next AGM on the evening of February 23rd.

The motion is as follows:
"WHEREAS Equity members who create their own work (Member-Creators) are under-represented on Council;

AND WHEREAS there is dissatisfaction among such Equity Member-Creators with the current options to engage Equity artists, including The Independent Artists Projects Policy (the "Indie"), Small Scale Theatre Addendum and Co-op Guidelines that are available to its members;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT steps be taken by Equity staff to address this dissatisfaction by consulting with a committee made up of volunteer CAEA Member-Creators whose purpose is to field concerns and suggestions, gather information and seek advice from fellow CAEA members as well as examine alternative options, devise revisions or alternatives to the current agreements and policies and report back to the business representatives, senior staff and the membership at large."
I am asking all Equity members in good standing to arrive at 6 p.m. sharp and support this motion when it appears on the agenda. I also request that members be courteous and polite during this meeting. A member's motion is rare and the President brought this section of the AGM to the general membership's attention in good faith and with a desire to let all points of view be heard. Now is the chance for you to make a difference in shaping the future policies of your association. We hope that you will attend.

~ Mark Brownell

Praxis Theatre is a member of the Indie Caucus and supports this motion. We encourage CAEA Member-Creators who share our concerns to
arrive before 6pm at the Austin Gallery, 1 King St W., 12th floor, Toronto. (@ King Subway Stn.) on Monday February 23rd, 2009.

Click below to read the CAEA announcement:
Notice of National Annual General Meeting

For more information, click the link below to visit the Facebook group:
Artists for a new CAEA Indie Agreement

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