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Monday, November 03, 2008

Exciting new work

Coming to The Centre Centre in Toronto on November 13, Kick Theatre presents “a radical new Canadian adaptation of August Strindberg’s play.” Miss Julie. More info here.


Simon said...

"A radical new Canadian adaptation of Strindberg's play"

Hm. I'm a little intrigued by the claim.

I'm also rather annoyed that I can find no indication of what makes it so 'radical' on their site.

Was that the intent, I wonder?

christine said...

whoops! no, not the intent, just an oversight on the part of the knackered producers.

tara's adaptation is set in 1929 interior british columbia. julie is white, her servants are first nations.

it's a pretty provocative, brutal, sexy, hilarious retelling and it confronts a part of canadian history that we very often skirt around.

we think it's radical. whether audiences will or not remains to be seen...

Simon said...

Miss Julie set in BC! That's awesome! Is it going to play in Vancouver or anywhere else in the province? That's insane, let me know if you want it publicized here. It does indeed sound radical.

There is actually a new version of the play going up here in January, and it's pretty radical too. Have you seen this?

Christine said...

so far just toronto, but we would LOVE to bring it to BC. please please please spread the word!

i have indeed heard about that other production (though we didn't know about it until well after ours was underway). call me crazy, but shouldn't the vancouver playhouse and the canadian stage company be doing the canadian adaptation set in bc??

(on a petty side-note, when we were doing our poster design i said "i just don't want it to look like Jungle Fever!". a couple weeks later i saw the 'freedom summer' poster and lo and behold, Jungle Fever.)