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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sex and the Saudi

Publicity shot from the upcoming SummerWorks show, Sex and the Saudi.

How is this show not going to be awesome?


Anonymous said...

Best show title since "All in the Fatwah".

Anonymous said...


I went to see this production at the Sears festival finals, Spring 2008, but it had to be called "X and the X" because of censorship. It was EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING! (too bad its only running 3 days) Sex & the Saudi gets to some of the deepest issues around sexuality, morality and freedom of choice, through HILARIOUS scenes and dialogue. Very risque one liners, sexy girls in bikinis and catchy tunes make this play go by very quickly. Beautiful choreography and vogue poses draw your eyes to the background players while you try to keep up with the plot and the jokes in the foreground. It's really fun & if you know some teenagers or people in their 20s they will really relate to it.