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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fringe show recommendations?

Just four more days to go at this year's Toronto Fringe Festival. Any last-minute recommendations?


Aaron said...

Go see Big Shot by Jon Lachlan Stewart.
St. Vlad's theatre on Spadina.

Chris Dupuis said...

Acis and Galatea


Take it Back

Hung To Dry

Check out my site for reviews:

Michael said...

DOMESTIC was just announced as Patrons' Pick for the Passe Muraille Backspace on Sunday.

Janet said...

Where did you see the Patron's Picks published? They're not supposed to be released till tomorrow according to the Fringe site.

mike said...

Sweet. Praxis blog has scooped the Patron's Picks. Or not. Who knows?

I'm throwing my vote in for:

Rume and Vodka @ Tarragon Extra Space

mike said...

I meant "Rum and Vodka". Duh.

Michael said...

Um...I didn't know Patron's Picks were supposed to be a secret. Oops?

I'm probably going to get shit for that, leaking worse than Watergate.

ian mackenzie said...

What I want to know is which show wins the 2008 SummerWorks Prize for Outstanding Production.

Any takers?

Anonymous said...

dear praxis,
thank you for this website. thank you thank you thank you.

MK Piatkowski said...

Barbeque King
Mortem Capiendum
Take it Back
Totem Figures

Janet said...

My faves are
Mr Fox
Christian Republican Funraiser in Dayton Tennessee
Further adventures of Antoine Feval
The Swearing Jar
Crude Love
Lupe Undone
Totem Figures
Time to put my socks on

megan said...

i gotta say, my favourite was still "stand up monkey poet"