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Monday, March 17, 2008

Out and about

Eric Peterson (Necessary Angel’s Half Life, TV’s Corner Gas) and Caroline Gillis (Tarragon’s How It Works, da da kamera’s A Beautiful View) outside the Capitol Event Theatre before Necessary Angel’s 3 Plays/1 Day Gala. (Thanks to Daniel MacIvor for the photo.)

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mike said...

wait a sec, i thought the whole humour of this series is that none of them are actually celebrities. these are actually celebrities. that's pretty awesome. this makes it more plausible that the other people photographed ARE actually celebrities.

thank you daniel macivor.

and oh, ian, too bad you erased that robospam comment that was up here earlier. i was looking forward to getting in an argument with a robot.

Ian Mackenzie said...

Eric Peterson in Daniel Brooks' The Designated Mourner at the Tarragon in 1999 – made me begin to understand what theatre could be.