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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sentences 55-59

The series continues:
55) Why do I have to become a film star before people will come to see me in the theatre?

56) Theatre is better than movies because you can travel through time, space, gender and class using only the actors and the audience’s collective imagination.

57) One is transported to a different space and time with little recognition that one is simply watching a performance, instead they are experiencing and performing along with the artists.

58) The best theatre misses being terrible theatre by a hair.

59) Theatre creates dialogue and community.

Click here for the series introduction and for a complete list of sentences so far.


mike said...

hmmmm. there is a time and space motif this week. bodies moving through time and space. that's all there is to it really i guess. well sounds easy enough. glad we cleared that up.

lalena said...

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