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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Steel Diaries

The legend of Mafu Jiang
By Ian Mackenzie

Last time we spoke, I gave you probably more information than you needed on Steel’s print marketing strategy: you may recall the pickaxe, the Stranger Theatre ad, the half-baked Photoshop humour.

Since then, we’ve developed our final publicity materials for the show. No real drama to report on that front. After all, if we’ve done our job, those posters and postcards should be speaking for themselves (or, more accurately, speaking for our show).

The big news is the discovery of Mafu Jiang. He’s an independent printer trained and equipped in the ancient art of high-quality digital printing. We used him to print our publicity materials for this show. His prices are incredible, and his quality is top notch.

1000 postcards (two-sided colour) for $200.
100 posters on high-quality glossy stock for $60.

Anyone who’s grown tired of the Kinkos manoeuvre or of similarly high-priced print options, you need to write this information down – talk to Mafu Jiang.

Here’s the info:
416 303 3214
Located near Lansdowne & Dundas in Toronto
An independent printer for the independent theatre. What’s not to love?


mike said...

i am excited. mafu knocked $200 off my budget. now we have enough money for the audience gets covered in choclate foam scene.

Christine said...

ooh! that's really fantastic (as is the prospect of the audience gets covered in chocolate foam scene). so many wonderful things on one blog....

John K said...

$200. 1000 postcards. 60 posters. Chocolate foam. Things are getting very noun-y around here.

Anonymous said...

excellent prints. i'm a highly satisfied client. thank you for the recommendation!