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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Praxis Theatre survey: The Streep sweep

We asked:
Who are the two strongest American film actors from this list?

You said:
The problem:
The wording of our question was as ambiguous as a Quebec separation referendum. Eagle-eyed readers quickly noted that of the possible candidates, three were not, in fact, American. While they do all appear in American films, the ambiguity between American films and American film actors may have skewed our survey's results. We regret any confusion caused by the wording, and will take due consideration of this into our analysis of said results.

In-depth analysis:
The only surprise here is that neither Oscar-winning actors Julia Roberts nor Hilary Swank were able to muster one measly vote between them. Halle Berry gets a sad single. (We know now that at least one person saw the criminally underrated Catwoman.) Nicole Kidman limps in with two votes. Nobody likes Nicole Kidman? Isn't she Australian? What's with being Australian anyway?

For third place, there's a three-way tie, with vetrans Diane Keaton, Judi (The Dame) Dench and Frances McDormand managing a respectable three votes apiece. Finally, Cate Blanchett makes a strong second place showing with six votes.

The winner:
But the clear, and unsurprising victor of this competition is Meryl Streep. We fucking love Meryl Streep. The Hours, Adaptation, Death Becomes Her. What's not to love? Meryl. We love you so damn much it hurts.

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